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On the definition and the motive forces of cuckolding.

Part III: Why?

Indeed, why? The mere thought of another person laying their hands on our partner is enough to put most men and women through a considerable amount of stress and anxiety and if our companion shared their body with another person even once, that would cause most people to feel great pain and anger, to the point of possibly putting an end to the relationship. Even from a biological standpoint, cuckolding seems extremely counterintuitive: stripped to its bare essentials, sex is fundamentally a means to procreation. Allowing one’s partner to engage in sexual activity would drastically reduce one’s chance to generate offspring.

At first glance, it appears to make little sense.

Being a curious, inquisitive individual, I have wondered about the motive force behind these wishes ever since I realized I had them. After years of scouring the web and discussing this topic fellow cucks, I have come to the conclusion that there is no single explanation to cuckolding, and that what causes us to respond positively to partner infidelity is a combination of factors:

  • A. Voyeurism: watching people have sex is greatly arousing for many people. Watching someone you’re deeply attached to may just add that extra heat to send you over the edge.
  • B. Bisexuality: an interest in same sex relations could be a trigger for a lot of cucks, who see it as an opportunity to live their bisexuality in a way that is enjoyable for both themselves and their companion.
  • C. Gender identity issues: cucks may, perhaps unknowingly, identify themselves with their partner’s body, thereby experiencing intercourse vicariously as a member of the opposite sex.
  • D. Relinquishing of responsibility: the burdens of career, relationships, money and society’s expectations can grow heavy. By allowing another person to have sex with their partner, the cuck may project all their burdens on the lover, while s/he metaphorically sits back and takes a break from the responsibilities that come with being competitive and career-oriented all the time.
  • E. “Sperm Wars”: this of course does not apply to the ladies. According to wikipedia, partner infidelity causes cuckolds to experience a peak in sexual arousal (personal note: it certainly does), caused by a primal desire to “compete” with the lover’s sperm.
  • F. Eroticization of fear: some cucks may be so scared of something (own inadequacy, companion’s infidelity) that they unconsciously turn this fear into something desirable, as a sort of defense mechanism.
  • G. Unknown: because this collection of ideas is by no means exhaustive, and any list of this kind should have room for new additions.

I should clarify at this point that I am not implying all points are valid for all cucks: one may find that the first two points are equally important while the others are negligible, another may find point C to be especially true to him/her. My case would probably be best described as 0.2 B + 0.2 C + 0.4 D + 0.1 E + 0.1 G.

I strongly encourage the reader to not take these few lines as absolute truth and I invite those interested in the subject to do some critical thinking and research of their own: not being a qualified psychologist, it is possible that all the things I have just written could be completely meaningless. The purpose of this rather lengthy post was not to offer a conclusive explanation of the cuckolding phenomenon, but rather to dispel some of the myths that surround it and to add my personal opinion to the pool, in the hope that someone may hone their own opinion against it, or incorporate it into a better theory.

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